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Spirituality Leadership and Management presents ‘Mind in the Matter’, a professional development conference retreat for professionals, leaders and managers. What value does the conference offer?

This unique conference invites you to see mindfulness in your business and professional life as a source of fresh insight into the world, while providing an opportunity for you to delve deeply into your own inquiry into leadership. The things that are important now are not the things you know the answer to; they are the questions to which you do not yet have an answer.

What can you expect from this event? This conference offers:

  1. The opportunity to develop expertise within the field of your fellow practitioners. We seek to break with the paradigm of relying on traditional models of practice. We seek instead to be collaborative participants who co-create collective expertise from within.
  2. Emergent inquiry which explores your key questions through four diverse and engaging conference strands.
  3. A Keynote Listener rather than the traditional Keynote Speaker. Our Keynote Listener will synthesise individual and collective inquiries, seeking to draw out the benefits of mindfulness in business and professional life. Our Keynote Listener is Rachel Shields.
  4. Leading-edge methodologies for development, beginning with our programmed workshops and including the experiences of the Open Space and other strands of our program; our commitment is to the power of participation and intention in collective inquiries into the role of spirituality in leadership and management.
  5. Engage with place, story, and the natural environment in the beautiful surrounds of Dharug country on the Hawkesbury River.
  6. Opportunity to offer a session in the Open Space strand and be drawn to participate with passion in the offerings of others.
  7. Design your own conference adventure as you explore yourself through your own unique learning journey, supported throughout the conference retreat by an exceptional team of facilitators with the skills and experience to meet you in your inquiry.
  8. Learn in collaboration with Indigenous wisdom by walking with Koori and Maori leaders who will be with us as we traverse our collective learning journey.

Our vision for the conference is that we may enter into the spirit of the field of spirituality in leadership and management: grounded, wise, and guided by high human values.

See our conference pages to learn more about the conference, and register to be there on 21-23 August at Wisemans Retreat.

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