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The briefing session

We held a briefing session on 28th July 2016 at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). About 15 people attended. The purpose was to begin a conversation about the concept of the Anthropocene Age. The role for SLaM in this conversation would be to provide a spiritual element to ideas about how culture could, and needs to, change.

Ken McLeod (from UTS) has suggested that up until now, discussion of the crisis of climate change has focused on technology, economics and politics. However, necessary as these activities are, the change that is needed is deeper; it is cultural. We have already wrought changes on our environment globally that will affect us for thousands of years. Without radical rethinking, our situation as a race is untenable.

We therefore need to look at four domains of cultural transformation:  (1) the rational (knowledge), (2) the instrumental (technology), (3) psyche (consciousness), and (4) mythos (symbolic, imagination). (I am selecting from the words that Ken used in his introductory paper; GM).

You can see already that the subject is about human values, about the way we see the world, and about our relationship to both the physical world and each other, individually and in community.

We invite you to read the paper “Preparing for the Anthropocene Transition” on our website, and think about what we should explore together as a group.

We are having internal conversations among the management committe and will be talking with the people who have expressed an interest in being involved following the briefing session. This activity will build over the coming weeks and months. We are happy to receive comments, and we can post articles on our page: “Articles and working papers“.

Membership: Yes, it is a new financial year and we ask for your support through membership. It is just $10 per year. You can join here, and pay by direct deposit or by using Paypal. If you have joined or renewed recently, you will have received a receipt from us. Thank you.

Live modestly. Enjoy.

Glenn Martin, Management Committee

SLaM briefing session

SLaM briefing session

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Living in the Anthropocene Age

Humanity is now living in a time when the major impact on the global environment is no longer from natural forces but from the actions of humans. It calls for a response that recognises this fact, and we believe it is a matter in which SLaM should be involved, to provide a spiritual perspective. We are embarking upon a collaboration with the Anthropocene Transition Project (ATP) at the UTS Business School in Sydney. The ATP is a transdisciplinary inquiry into the profound changes in professional and social practice that the Anthropocene will necessitate. (see here for the proposal).

We invite you to join us for a Briefing Session with ATP convenor, Ken McLeod at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Thursday 28th July, 6:30pm to 8:00 pm. Please register by email to

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Change Leadership Summit looms

Humanity in Business is conducting a one-day event on change leadership on 9 June in Sydney. Leading change effectively is still one of the biggest issues facing organisations. This event offers a wealth of presenters, who will provide insights from their experiences in business. The key idea is that organisations have to be “change ready” and establish a foundation of values if they are to achieve sustainable change in a volatile environment.


Presenters include senior executives from many leading companies. Humanity in Business is offering a two-for-one offer for SLaM people who mention this news item. To avail yourself of this offer, please contact Muneesh Whadhwa at as soon as possible, as places are limited.

To find out more and to register, go to

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“Rethink Tank” workshop on 7 November

Please join us as we rethink the organisation, Spirituality, Leadership and Management.

Our wide circle of friends seems to see a place for an organisation that promotes the value of a spiritual and ethical perspective on leadership and management. Yet our activities in 2015 have attracted but a small number of participants, and the conference that we organised did not proceed due to low registrations.

It is time for us to rethink our direction and our purposes in the current environment. Please join us on Saturday afternoon 7th November at the Stanton Library, 234 Miller Street, North Sydney and share your thoughts about what our future might be.

Our president, Susan Goff, will lead discussion. The afternoon will include the Annual General Meeting. Membership for 2015-2016 is required to be on the management committee for the coming year.

Click here to register your intention to attend. No fee, but donation appreciated on the day.

To join or renew your membership to SLaM, click here.

Glenn Martin, Trreasurer, Management Committee

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Meetup event on 24 October with Tom Graves

We are running our first event using Meetup. Our speaker and conversationalist is Tom Graves.

Tom deals with the central questions that companies face: How do we create an enterprise that is sustainable and responsive into the future? How do we make sense of complexity and disruption? How do we design for change, rather than reacting to it?

This Meetup will explore the ideas of the ‘ecology of enterprise’ and the ‘enterprise as story’ as powerfully effective tools for sense making, decision-making, leadership and transformation in enterprise design. We will consider techniques for modelling the enterprise at every scale, from micro to macro systems, both within a particular organisational setting and within the micro human system and macro planetary system within which we are ultimately bound. We will contemplate how viewing the ‘ecology of enterprise’ and the ‘enterprise as story’ profoundly shifts our perspective of and relationship to core business purpose, systems, structures and governance.

This Meetup is part of a current conference and master class series. For more details please visit

TOM GRAVES (UK) – Tetradian Principal Consultant

Tom is known as a highly innovative thought leader on the futures of business.   With a keen eye for systems and structure, he has nearly 40 years experience in knowledge management, skills research, software development and the human side of complex systems. Quietly compassionate, he balances conceptual rigour and pragmatic realism with a deep awareness of human issues and human needs in the business environment. Tom is credited as one of the pioneer inventors of desktop publishing, and as an entrepreneur and manager is conversant with the practical issues in implementing new approaches and new business models into existing industries.

He is a prolific author, and experienced presenter on radio and television, at conferences and in workshops and seminars. Passionate about the process of empowerment and the role of intuition in organisations, he brings to his work an unusual skill in overview and synthesis, and in creating links across a widely diverse range of disciplines and professional domains.

Tom has a Master of Arts degree from London’s Royal College of Art, Bachelor of Arts (DipAD) Degree in Graphic Design from Middlesex Polytechnic, London, and Graduate Certificate in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University, Melbourne, and has received and presented extensive training in personal development, neuro-linguistic programming and other psychology-oriented modalities.







This is a fortuitous event – Tom is in Sydney for the conference and master class series, and he was happy to share some time with SLaM. We are grateful for his offer and we would love you to join us for a great afternoon!

This is a Meetup event. You register at the Meetup website to let us know you are coming.
It will be held at the Stanton Library, 234 Miller St, North Sydney, starting 2:00 pm.

Here is the link to the Meetup page.

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SLaM Cafe on 25 July

The Sydney SLaM Cafe with Anna Harper on Saturday 25 July was a great session. Much to think about from Anna, with the questions she posed and the models of the self she presented. Here is the group, with Anna at the right.Look out for details of our next Cafe in a couple of months’ time.
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Sydney Cafe with Anna Harper on Saturday 25 July

Shapeshifting your story

Anna Harper invites us to live and work effectively in our time, a time of deep changes. What is shapeshifting? Anna says it is the capacity to shift the shape of our story and that of the organisations we are part of. In this afternoon session we will look at how the questions we ask shape our story, the story we are living, and how looking for different questions to ask can shapeshift us to embolden, enhance, refine or re-envision our story.

Craig Gibsone, a community elder, says, “You are the answer to the questions that you are asking”. And Anna responds – is the answer the one you want, the one you need, or that society needs?

Come and join us for a lively and enlivening afternoon.

Saturday 25 July 2015, 2:00 – 4:30 pm at Stanton Library, Level 2, 234 Miller St, North Sydney

Arrive at 2:00 pm for tea/coffee and networking. Session commences at 2:30 pm.

Prices: $35 Non-Members;   $25 Members (2015-2016)

Register online now to help us to cater for the event: Register here.

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News : August Conference is not proceeding

Sunday 5 July: We are not going to proceed with the conference in August. We did not receive sufficient Early Bird registrations to justify the risks involved in proceeding with the three-day event at Wisemans Retreat. There were also risks involved in proceeding with a one-day event, so we are stepping back and drawing breath.

We know that the concept of “Mind in the Matter” was appealing, and the format we planned out for the conference was exciting. We know that we had gathered together a wonderful group of people to facilitate the four strands of the conference and run the workshops. However, we needed to be sure before the end of June that we would have the numbers to make it viable, and that did not happen.

We are taking pause and rethinking how to proceed. We have a management committee meeting on 7 July and we will be discussing the matter then. We will report to you what we resolve.

Thanks for your understanding. We maintain the vision of an event that is fresh and vital, with the opportunity for personal inspiration and transformational development within the container of a mindful, inquisitive and appreciative group of fellow travellers on the spiritual road.

We are also proceeding with other activities. The next issue of the Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management will be released soon. And our next Cafe in Sydney is coming up on 25 July, featuring Anna Harper.

We also invite you to become a financial member of SLaM. It helps to keep us afloat, and it inspires us to keep going.

Susan Goff and Glenn Martin for the Management Committee

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Your value from the conference

Spirituality Leadership and Management presents ‘Mind in the Matter’, a professional development conference retreat for professionals, leaders and managers. What value does the conference offer?

This unique conference invites you to see mindfulness in your business and professional life as a source of fresh insight into the world, while providing an opportunity for you to delve deeply into your own inquiry into leadership. The things that are important now are not the things you know the answer to; they are the questions to which you do not yet have an answer.

What can you expect from this event? This conference offers:

  1. The opportunity to develop expertise within the field of your fellow practitioners. We seek to break with the paradigm of relying on traditional models of practice. We seek instead to be collaborative participants who co-create collective expertise from within.
  2. Emergent inquiry which explores your key questions through four diverse and engaging conference strands.
  3. A Keynote Listener rather than the traditional Keynote Speaker. Our Keynote Listener will synthesise individual and collective inquiries, seeking to draw out the benefits of mindfulness in business and professional life. Our Keynote Listener is Rachel Shields.
  4. Leading-edge methodologies for development, beginning with our programmed workshops and including the experiences of the Open Space and other strands of our program; our commitment is to the power of participation and intention in collective inquiries into the role of spirituality in leadership and management.
  5. Engage with place, story, and the natural environment in the beautiful surrounds of Dharug country on the Hawkesbury River.
  6. Opportunity to offer a session in the Open Space strand and be drawn to participate with passion in the offerings of others.
  7. Design your own conference adventure as you explore yourself through your own unique learning journey, supported throughout the conference retreat by an exceptional team of facilitators with the skills and experience to meet you in your inquiry.
  8. Learn in collaboration with Indigenous wisdom by walking with Koori and Maori leaders who will be with us as we traverse our collective learning journey.

Our vision for the conference is that we may enter into the spirit of the field of spirituality in leadership and management: grounded, wise, and guided by high human values.

See our conference pages to learn more about the conference, and register to be there on 21-23 August at Wisemans Retreat.

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Four strands to the conference program

There are four strands to the program for our “Mind in the matter” conference on 21-23 August at Wisemans Ferry.

Programmed Strand: This strand of the conference offers five 70-minute in-depth workshop sessions to explore current issues in mindfulness, management and leadership. The multi-talented Geoff Berry is the facilitator for this strand of the conference.

Open Space Strand: This strand is available over the entire two-and-a-half days of the conference for participants to explore inquiries as they arise. You could create a spontaneous workshop or performance, an exhibition or a small-group investigation into what is going on in Mindfulness in your situation. Lead, talk or listen as you wish. Aladdin Jones is the facilitator for the Open Space Strand.

Being in Nature Strand: This strand provides an opportunity and support for you to connect and transform your relationships with the environment, each other and ourselves. It is a directed program enabling delegates to be in nature, in solitude and/or in small groups, and includes the option of sleeping out for one or two nights in the beautiful environment of the Wiseman’s Ferry retreat. Mark Spain is the facilitator for the Being In Nature Strand.

“Gone Fishing” Strand: Our unique conference also offers creative “time out”, along with coaching for untapped potential. Sometimes when we go to conferences, exhaustion overwhelms us. But we think this can be a healing time. Our retreat offers time for nano-naps without penalty, kayaking, bushwalking, fishing… and many more delights. Riripeti Reedy is the facilitator for the “Gone Fishing” Strand.

Find out more about our facilitators.

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