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The future of SLaM is JSLaM

We are considering the future of Spirituality, Leadership and Management. We plan to continue to be the vehicle for the journal and other online articles. We will move away from running future events. We have a rich resource of papers going back nearly 20 years.

As a not-for-profit association, we rely on members to continue. We invite you to become a financial member for 2017-2018 on the website. We have set a fee of $AU25 for 12 months. The funds are needed to maintain the website and the activities of the journal.

You may contribute an article or an academic paper (the latter is subject to peer review for publication in the journal).

Life changes, and the challenges facing society changes. But it all still calls for clear minds to understand things that need to be understood, and to say things that need to be said, providing an ethical and spiritual perspective on the challenges.

Please become a member and enable the journal to survive. We look forward to continuing to contribute the voice of spirit to the world of business and management.

For the journal, contact Claire Jankelson at For articles and comments, send to Glenn Martin at

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News on SLam and Anthropocene project

We have sent a newsletter to people on our list. Follow the link to read the newsletter: SLaM Future and the Anthropocene Project.

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Events happening soon

It is our total delight to remind you of our up and coming Sydney Café on Saturday 25th July.
Anna Harper of Cultural Shape Shifters ( will be engaging us in an afternoon’s exploration of the big story around spirituality in leadership and management.

See here for more details and to register.

We also invite you to join us beforehand, at 12.30pm for lunch at the nearby café Jago’s on Miller Street ( Please introduce yourself to us when you arrive!

Then we meet upstairs at the library at 2.00pm for tea/coffee and conversation, and Anna’s workshop will commence at 2.30pm; ends 4.30pm.

It helps us if you register online for the Cafe prior to the day: please register here.
Rates are:     $35 non-members     $25 Members (2015-2016) (You can join or renew your membership on the registration page.)

Other conferences
Since we have announced the cancellation of the SLaM Conference, we have been contacted by other organisations keen for you to know they are offering conferences this year:

Humanity in Business are holding a one-day conference on 4 September in Sydney: “Leading an entrepreneurial culture to drive growth”. Follow this link to find out more.

The Facilitators Network is holding a conference themed “Facilitating Wholeness” which includes many SLaM interests. It will be held in the beautiful Ballina/Byron Bay area on 5-6 November – go to their link for more details: AFN Conference

The Intrinsic Brilliance Institute is holding a Master Leaders’ PLATFORM with Gene Early on 21-23 September in the Hunter Valley – go to Intrinsic Brilliance.

And Wake Up has a fabulous calendar of events they would love you to know about:

Future SLaM conference?

We are of the view that both the conference we were proposing and the wonderful people who joined the campaign were right for our part of the world. It was also priced realistically, being a retreat and including accommodation. We thank you for sending the many messages of regret and appreciation we have received.

We need to rethink SLaM. We need a new look, less of a volunteer load, and easier to organise events with less overheads. We need to tap into the diversity of our extraordinary field while developing a clear voice and position… We are exploring options.

If you would like to let us know your thoughts please contact Susan

Kind regards,
Susan Goff, President, Spirituality, Leadership and Management


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Your value from the conference

Spirituality Leadership and Management presents ‘Mind in the Matter’, a professional development conference retreat for professionals, leaders and managers. What value does the conference offer?

This unique conference invites you to see mindfulness in your business and professional life as a source of fresh insight into the world, while providing an opportunity for you to delve deeply into your own inquiry into leadership. The things that are important now are not the things you know the answer to; they are the questions to which you do not yet have an answer.

What can you expect from this event? This conference offers:

  1. The opportunity to develop expertise within the field of your fellow practitioners. We seek to break with the paradigm of relying on traditional models of practice. We seek instead to be collaborative participants who co-create collective expertise from within.
  2. Emergent inquiry which explores your key questions through four diverse and engaging conference strands.
  3. A Keynote Listener rather than the traditional Keynote Speaker. Our Keynote Listener will synthesise individual and collective inquiries, seeking to draw out the benefits of mindfulness in business and professional life. Our Keynote Listener is Rachel Shields.
  4. Leading-edge methodologies for development, beginning with our programmed workshops and including the experiences of the Open Space and other strands of our program; our commitment is to the power of participation and intention in collective inquiries into the role of spirituality in leadership and management.
  5. Engage with place, story, and the natural environment in the beautiful surrounds of Dharug country on the Hawkesbury River.
  6. Opportunity to offer a session in the Open Space strand and be drawn to participate with passion in the offerings of others.
  7. Design your own conference adventure as you explore yourself through your own unique learning journey, supported throughout the conference retreat by an exceptional team of facilitators with the skills and experience to meet you in your inquiry.
  8. Learn in collaboration with Indigenous wisdom by walking with Koori and Maori leaders who will be with us as we traverse our collective learning journey.

Our vision for the conference is that we may enter into the spirit of the field of spirituality in leadership and management: grounded, wise, and guided by high human values.

See our conference pages to learn more about the conference, and register to be there on 21-23 August at Wisemans Retreat.

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Conference program released

This week we are proud to release the 2015 SLaM Conference program and introduce the workshop leaders in the Programmed Strand. (See link below for the program.)

The Programmed Strand will be facilitated by Geoff Berry, who will introduce in-depth workshops led by some of the SLaM field’s most experienced scholars and practitioners. Each workshop leader provides a powerful, emerging question about their practice within our field of Spirituality Leadership and Management.

What unanswered leadership question will you be bringing to the conference?

Register for the conference now and get the Early Bird rate (ends on18th June).



Colin Pitson, one of the founders of the original SLaM Network, is facilitating “From worry to wonder through mindful curiosity”: “I have moved from left-brain to right-brain thinking – using the mind to manage and regulate information and energy flow.”

Joseph Loewy, who specialises in the graphic communication of knowledge, is facilitating “Femergy: Leading with authenticity”: “Originally an artist, I have spent most of my working life in the advertising business. I am now drawing people’s ideas in business settings… Where did we come from? Where are we going? And how do we get there?” 

Deborah Lange explores embodied knowledge in her inquiry into “Leadership and fellowship in appreciative reciprocity”: “I am about connecting mind and body in understanding leadership.”

Michele Gennoe holds the intersections between business and spirituality with “Translating spiritual concepts into business leadership”: “I have been linking structured business thinking and intuitive leadership.” 


As well as the Programmed Strand, we have three other strands in our program, so you can tailor your conference experience to suit your own interests, and have opportunities to share your own insights.

The Open Space Strand, facilitated by Aladdin Jones, provides everyone with an opportunity to run their own workshop – any focus, any amount of time, planned and improvised, crowd sourcing participants from the conference community. What would you like to do at the conference? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Aladdin will also contribute with his renowned abilities with music.

The Being in Nature Strand, facilitated by Mark Spain, will immerse delegates in an experience based on John Milton’s philosophies.

The Gone Fishing Strand, facilitated by Riripeti Reedy, is your “time out” to heal with Māori leadership coaching.

Image by Aladdin Jones

Image by Aladdin Jones

Please remember: The SLaM Conference Early Bird 30% discount prices will end on Thursday 18th June.

In next week’s newsletter we will introduce you to our Keynote Listener.

How do you practise deep listening in your professional life?

Program registerbutton450 enquiriesbutton
View the conference program. Secure your registration for the conference now. Contact our Event Manager, Helena Read.

We hope to see you at the conference and enjoy your company.

Susan Goff, President
Spirituality, Leadership and Management

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Conference newsletter 29 May 2015

Last week we launched the Spirituality, Leadership and Management conference registration campaign in our newsletter. If you would like to extend our reach and spread the word, please inform your networks. They can sign up at this link to receive our conference campaign information.

This week we are introducing you to some of the people who are gathering into the conference’s early emergence, forming some of the foundations of its spirit.


Please meet Chris Tobin, Senior Man, Dharug Nation, who will welcome you onto his Country at the conference. It was my pleasure to meet Chris with other members of our event team at the Reconciliation Memorial Garden in Richmond last weekend. (In the photo: Mingo Mortimer, Chris Tobin, Susan Goff and Mark Spain)

Meeting Chris sets in place the ground on which our facilitation team will work with our Keynote Listener and each of you in full mutual recognition of the particular presence of Dharug Country at Wisemans Ferry.


Geoff Berry – Facilitator, the Programmed Strand
The Programmed Strand excites me because of the intention of spiritual leadership with a professional edge.”

Aladdin Jones – Facilitator, the Open Space Strand
“How do we enter into dialogue with each other? How do we have conversations, or not have conversations? Reflecting on Harrison Owen’s intentions [], what wants to emerge does emerge. This is exciting for me.”

Mark Spain – Facilitator, the Being In Nature Strand
“Processes like Peter Senge, Joe Jaworski , John Milton, Otto Scharmer’s theory U assist us when observing and noticing nature, to enable us to be present to what is actually happening, in a relaxed and open-hearted situation.

Riripeti Reedy – Facilitator Gone Fishing Strand
“The conference offers a different way to approach leadership; most leadership is distributive, it does not premise the broader spectrum of the self, each other and the environment. The Gone Fishing strand is an opportunity for participants to shape the space, to be ripples around what we are thinking.”

The conference is designed around four “strands”, each offering distinctive engagement resources to provoke your potential, step by step, as you walk your path through the retreat.

We have a planned Programmed Strand of five exploratory workshops to bring stability to the emergent design; we counterbalance this stability with an Open Space Strand to enable the full creativity of instantaneous collaborations to come into being. We have a partially programmed Being in Nature strand to provoke certain qualities of mindfulness within us, counterbalanced by totally unplanned professional development in Gone Fishing, where you have time out for healing and coaching. Each of the strands is a distinctive engagement resource interacting with the others, as you choose, to meet your potential. This schematic represents the design.


Please remember – the SLaM Conference Early Bird 30% discount prices will close on June 18. Click to register

In our next newsletter, we will introduce you to our Programmed Workshop Leaders and some of the early registrants, bringing their questions into the conference’s gaze.

Susan Goff, President, Spirituality, Leadership and Management

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2015 conference is coming into shape

Greetings Members and Friends,

I am thrilled to share the developments of our emergent and remarkable 2015 conference event with you. Over the last few weeks the program details have been slotting into place as our conference team have been attentively contributing their skills and passions to create a truly impressive, ground-breaking event on behalf of the SLaM community.

This newsletter will be the first of a series that we intend to publish each week until 18 June when the SLaM Conference Early Bird 30% discount prices will close – and by which time we need a minimum of 40 registrations if we are to proceed with a conference this year.

We trust that you can see the value of attending, and invite you to put this value into commitment by registering your early bird attendance.

The event program and facilitation team is now active on the SLaM website and we encourage you to engage with our social media and forum conversations… These platforms can act as your portal for participation and will grow in content and diversity as the conference itself grows. Here is a sneak preview of our wonderful Facilitation Team.


We will introduce you to our Facilitators with more information in our next newsletter.

What is this conference about?

The intention of the 2015 conference is to identify the spirituality, leadership and management “field of action”.  It is a collective professional development retreat, recognising that how we live our business and professional lives becomes the world we hand on to others. This is our mind in the matter of everyday working life: seeing the world in a grain of sand.

Who are we now? What do we do? Why are we doing it? Where is it taking us? And why?

Things have changed since 1998 when SLaM was formed: at one level the field is still seen as “alternative” as it was in those early days, and at another level, aspects of it have become “mainstream”. New generation consciousness networks are springing up, new institutions are offering expertise, 21st century corporate pilgrimages are almost commonplace, and the language is pushing its way into policy and practice. Dimensions of spirituality, such as mindfulness in leadership and management, could be said to be coming up everywhere – and SLaM’s networks of practitioners and advocates have been there.

Our conference retreat is intended to be the time and place where the spirit of the spirituality, leadership and management field comes into view as a whole, maturing, synthesising dynamic to which we all belong and for which we are each a gift to its wellbeing.

Our argument is, that given the opportunities and challenges of our times, and given that our field is at an inter-generational turning point, we have a moment in time to see what we create and who we can be in meeting our future generations as they come to meet us. It is a moment of weaving the threads of our wisdoms, visions and learning into a basket that holds us all.


(Basket weaving; image courtesy of Rosalind Atkinson)

How will the conference be this inter-generational turning point? 

The conference program is designed specifically to enable you, the practitioners and advocates for spirituality in leadership and management, to consciously be the individual and collective embodiment of the field.

We hope that this experience will extend back into your everyday lives:

  • First, the conference is a two and a half day retreat on the Hawkesbury River, providing the opportunity for sustained engagement so that this awareness can come about;
  • Second, the conference design is made up of four strands, each providing very different ways in which you can (re)discover your core body of practice and your reaching edges;
  • Third, the design is organised so that what is normally experienced as hard choices between presentations becomes the gold thread of the SLaM community coming into being: your reflections, conversations, questions, insights and choices about what to do next at the conference, are the pathways of your unfolding journey.  As you travel from one strand to another and back again, facilitated by our brilliant facilitation team, you will map and walk your journey into your questions, into new understandings and companionships.

The conference is intended to be an undiscovered country partly hidden in the mists, holding the threads of your journey to find within you:

  • A strengthened sense of your understanding and practices of spirituality in leadership and management
  • A confirmation of your place and pathway in the SLaM community of practice
  • An understanding of the strategic purpose and intergenerational potential of this community in 2015 and its connections to the emerging new communities in this space
  • An enhanced sense of who you are and who you want to become within this community in its networked associations so many others.


This is no ordinary gig. The SLaM committee and our networks realise the enormity of what lies ahead. We believe that this community, our developing SLaM community and friends is essential to best possible futures.

Do you want to be with us?  Register here

Susan Goff (PhD)


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