Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM) is a forum for the exploration and expression of ideas about spirituality in business and organisational life. It is an extended community of people who work in organisations in all sectors — commercial, public and not-for-profit, as well as consultants in many professions. The community extends right around Australia and to many other countries around the world.

We are committed to enabling people and organisations to bring spirituality into the practice of leadership and management. What does this mean? For us, it means to carry out your work with the qualities of integrity, creativity and care, and to see our work as signifiying something more than material realities and profit.

We believe that this orientiation is what will enable the world to become a desirable place to be.

SLaM does not subscribe to, or promote, any particular belief system. We have a very broad notion of spirituality that includes conscious, mindful living, a sense of meaning and purpose, and a commitment to ethical conduct, the celebration of life, and to personal and organisational development.

We provide opportunities for people and organisations to re-evaluate their experience of business and organisational life, discover a sense of community with others, expand their vision, and reshape their management and leadership practices. We believe that all of our words and actions carry significance, and that we can develop a greater capacity to act with care and creativity, for the good of earth, ourselves and society. 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

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