What we do

The focus of all our activities is to provide opportunities for people and organisations to re-evaluate their experience of business and organisational life, discover a sense of community with others, expand their vision, and reshape their management and leadership practices.

Our activities include periodic conferences, regular seminars/cafes, and publications, including the Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management.

Our conferences, the first of which was held in 1998, are renowned for the breadth and depth of their creativity, engagement and intellectual enquiry.

Our history

1997, a number of academics from the University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University and the University of Western Sydney came together with students and members of the general community to organise a conference to bring together the themes of spirituality, leadership and management.

1998, the inaugural Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM) Conference was held on the Hawkesbury campus of the University of Western Sydney.

1999, a second conference held on the Hawkesbury campus of the University of Western Sydney, by which time a network had been established with international connections.

March 2000, Spirituality, Leadership and Management Network Limited (SLaMnet) was incorporated as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee. The stated purpose of the company was to “undertake public education concerning the integration of spirituality, leadership and management”.

2000, SLaM Conference held in Ballarat.

2001, SLaM Conference held in Canberra.

2002, SLaM Conference held in Gold Coast.

2003/2004, SLaM Conference held in Perth.

SLaM drew attention at national and international levels, attracting speakers and conference attendees from around the world.

In Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, SLaM cafes were held on a regular basis, where speakers shared their ideas and experiences on how spirituality and ethical conduct can infuse the work and business environment.

2005, after the SLaM Conference, the company SLaMnet decided to take a break and deregister the company, but keep the website alive.

2008, the reins of SLaM shifted to Sydney when a group recommenced SLaM cafes.

April 2009, the group formally incorporated as an association (SLaM Inc), and undertakes the mission to continue the SLaM movement, which is:

“… to facilitate the emergence of the innate spirituality within individuals and organisations, by connecting people in communities of enquiry, learning and action. We focus our energies on improving leadership and management practices as they apply to organisations, communities and the natural world.”

February 2010, the Seventh Conference is held at St Joseph’s, Baulkham Hills in Sydney, with around 130 participants and very positive feedback.

November 2010, SLaM Inc holds a one-day Summit on wisdom, and its first AGM at St Joseph’s.

September 2011, Eighth SLaM conference, held at St Joseph’s, Baulkham Hills.

May 2013, one-day Symposium on “Leading and growing collaboration” was held at Royal Motor Yacht Club, Rose Bay.

The journal

To find out about the journal, visit the journal section of our website.

Our objectives

Our objectives are to foster awareness among people and organisations of our spiritual potential and to support the emergence of ways of working, leading, managing and doing business that are ethical, ecologically sustainable, creative and joyful.


The principal activities of the association are to undertake public education by, in particular, but not limited to:

(a) conducting conferences, seminars and workshops;

(b) networking to make information more widely available;

(c) developing educational courses; and

(d) promoting and conducting research.

See also, Who we are  and  Management Committee