Call for papers

Submissions are invited for papers for Issue 9 of the Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management.

Expressions of interest

Please tell us briefly about the nature of the proposed paper (the topic, approach, research methods if applicable) for publication in our next issue. Papers are required by the end of October 2017.

Contact the Editor-in-Chief, Claire Jankelson, at

Our previous issue explored the subject of mindfulness, and this topic has continuing relevance for readers. We continue to seek clarity and guidance about the meaning of this concept, and evidence-based approaches to developing a mindful spirit in organisations. We would be pleased to see further papers being submitted on this topic, as well as any other topics related to the relationships between spirituality, leadership and management in the contemporary business and organisational environment.


Examples of topics appropriate to the journal include:

  • conceptions of spirituality as they relate to leadership and management
  • spirituality and leadership education in tertiary education institutions and schools
  • environmental perspectives in management
  • research studies, design and/or methodology in leadership or management
  • corporate programs that promote and foster the spiritual dimension (broadly conceived)
  • coaching, mentoring and supervision that incorporate a spiritual dimension .

Perhaps the central question here, as in all topics concerning spirituality, leadership and management, is how managers and leaders can cultivate an ethical, creative, respectful and spiritually aware environment without ignoring or neglecting the practical business and financial imperatives of the organisation. 

Note that it is helpful to be familiar with past and current ‘conversations’ or ‘threads’ evident in previous issues of the journal. This will help you to place your work within a context and make your contribution more relevant to our readers. You can access all of our previous papers on the SLaM website.

About the journal

We are one of a small group of independent journals that do not charge for submitting and do not charge for accessing articles. As part of our continuous improvement, we are now incorporating DOI numbers for each article — so that articles and references can be independently accessed.


Our papers are available to a wide international audience through the database Informit. Papers in our journal should appear in searches in most university libraries. Accordingly, the provision of keywords with your paper is required.

Guidance for submissions

Papers and articles in the journal contribute to the discourse of the theoretical or academic worlds as well as supporting the empirical world of managers’ concerns, and we include book reviews and analyses of structured programs of study. Papers may be on any topic related to the scholarly advancement of spirituality in leadership and management. Acceptance of papers and case studies will be based on whether they:

  • are directly relevant to spirituality, leadership and management
  • have not been published elsewhere
  • have been submitted in the correct format.

Articles should range from 2,000-7,000 words in length, including references, tables and appendices. Manuscripts which exceed the word limit will not be reviewed as they would not be considered publishable without revision. Artwork such as diagrams are welcome as long as they are of suitable quality for reproduction in electronic format.

Book reviews are also welcome. Books reviewed need to align with the journal themes. Reviews should not exceed 1,500 words.

Please read the Guidelines for Contributors to see our technical requirements for papers: Guidelines for contributors.