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This page is for presenting working ideas about spirituality, leadership and management. You can post comments about articles on this page below.









Preparing for the Anthropocene transition

This is an introductory paper on the concept of the Anthropocene that was discussed at a Briefing Session on 28th July 2016.

Proposal for collaboration

…..between SLaM and the Anthropocene Transition Project. This project is led by Kenneth McLeod through the University of Technology, Sydney. Click on the link above to read the article.











Spirituality, nature and leadership

Article: What is spirituality in the context of leadership and management? And of nature? by Glenn Martin

This short article looks at the challenge of the term “spirituality”. Glenn writes: There ought to be a way of framing spirituality that is relevant in the contexts of business and organisations and that is relevant across religions and rooted in our evolving knowledge of humans, our planet and the diverse nature of all things.

One comment on “Articles and working papers
  1. Susan Goff says:

    Hello Glenn – the two questions you ask regarding a) is spirituality reduced to morality and b) if not what else is it – are exactly the questions that I wonder about too. Thank you for raising them, and I greatly look forward to how our collaboration with Ken Mcleod’s Anthropocene Project and Muneesh’s Humanity in Business networks may bring into being some shared practical wisdom abut them. Susie

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