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We are deciding what to do about the future of Spirituality, Leadership and Management as an organisation. We need more members in order to continue. You can do this on the website. It will cost you $AU25 for 12 months (to 30 June 2018).

Our plan is to just focus on papers and articles about spirituality, leadership and management. You could contribute an article or a paper (which would be subject to peer review for publication in the journal).

Life changes, society becomes more or less dysfunctional, but it all still calls for clear minds to understand things that need to be understood, and to say things that need to be said.

Join us. Let us survive by becoming a financial member, and compose your thoughts so you can write an article or an academic paper to share with our readers.

For the journal, contact Claire Jankelson at editor@slam.org.au For articles and comment, send to Glenn Martin at admin@slam.org.au

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