The future of SLaM is JSLaM

We are considering the future of Spirituality, Leadership and Management. We plan to continue to be the vehicle for the journal and other online articles. We will move away from running future events. We have a rich resource of papers going back nearly 20 years.

As a not-for-profit association, we rely on members to continue. We invite you to become a financial member for 2017-2018 on the website. We have set a fee of $AU25 for 12 months. The funds are needed to maintain the website and the activities of the journal.

You may contribute an article or an academic paper (the latter is subject to peer review for publication in the journal).

Life changes, and the challenges facing society changes. But it all still calls for clear minds to understand things that need to be understood, and to say things that need to be said, providing an ethical and spiritual perspective on the challenges.

Please become a member and enable the journal to survive. We look forward to continuing to contribute the voice of spirit to the world of business and management.

For the journal, contact Claire Jankelson at For articles and comments, send to Glenn Martin at

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One comment on “The future of SLaM is JSLaM
  1. Jose says:


    Does the journal still exist, and does SLAM?

    Thank you,

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