SLaM Conference 2015 “Mind in the Matter”

How will you participate in our conference journey as a leader of the emerging future? What is your juicy, scholastic gift… as an academic, professional and community member? What questions emerge at the edges of your professional inquiry to mindfulness to which you do not yet have an answer?

“We intend to break with the paradigm of participants coming as vessels who are summoning expertise from the outside. Our desired paradigm is of collaborative participants who are generating collective expertise from within.”

The conference by design is emergent, our initial call intentionally focused on a powerful question, as opposed to the presentation of powerful solutions.  Our facilitators and workshop contributors are participants in the conference journey, they have each responded to the conference call, stepping fully into their leadership, and their arising inquiry of mindfulness in business and professional life.

We encourage your participation. This forum is the place to ponder the poignant questions that will inform our conference experience, and from it galvanise the field of Spirituality, Leadership and Management through our individual and collective practices of mindfulness in business and professional life.

Please use this forum to share your questions of mindfulness in business and professional life.

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