Four strands to the conference program

There are four strands to the program for our “Mind in the matter” conference on 21-23 August at Wisemans Ferry.

Programmed Strand: This strand of the conference offers five 70-minute in-depth workshop sessions to explore current issues in mindfulness, management and leadership. The multi-talented Geoff Berry is the facilitator for this strand of the conference.

Open Space Strand: This strand is available over the entire two-and-a-half days of the conference for participants to explore inquiries as they arise. You could create a spontaneous workshop or performance, an exhibition or a small-group investigation into what is going on in Mindfulness in your situation. Lead, talk or listen as you wish. Aladdin Jones is the facilitator for the Open Space Strand.

Being in Nature Strand: This strand provides an opportunity and support for you to connect and transform your relationships with the environment, each other and ourselves. It is a directed program enabling delegates to be in nature, in solitude and/or in small groups, and includes the option of sleeping out for one or two nights in the beautiful environment of the Wiseman’s Ferry retreat. Mark Spain is the facilitator for the Being In Nature Strand.

“Gone Fishing” Strand: Our unique conference also offers creative “time out”, along with coaching for untapped potential. Sometimes when we go to conferences, exhaustion overwhelms us. But we think this can be a healing time. Our retreat offers time for nano-naps without penalty, kayaking, bushwalking, fishing… and many more delights. Riripeti Reedy is the facilitator for the “Gone Fishing” Strand.

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