Feedback on the Symposium

We had a wonderful day at the symposium, with over 70 people attending. Thanks to all the presenters, facilitators and attendees, and to the staff of Zest at the Point Piper Royal Motor Yacht Club for their excellent service and lovely food. This page offers some reflections on the event – feedback from attendees, and photos (see below).

We also have a video report on the event. Click on the link to go to the Video report. (Thanks to Nathaniel Fay for filming. You can contact him at 0419694011 or )

Feedback from attendees

Here is some of the feedback we received from attendees at the end of the day. It gives you an idea of what a rich and rewarding day it was….

What were the main highlights that will stay with you?

• Unspoken words which need to be spoken

• Lively dialogue

• Lots of data & case histories to add to my thinking on collaboration

• Being in the company of inspirational leaders

• Inspiring examples of collaboration in practice


What are the 2 or 3 significant learnings for you from the day?

• Emotional connection clears energy and creates change

• Search for common ground that we can all agree on

• Understand each other deeply

• Open communication is critical for collaboration

• creating a space for opposite voices

• Never give up – phoenix rising from the ashes

• Awareness that vulnerability is at the core of connection and that this is recognised by more people than originally thought

• Importance of trust and communication


What action will you take in your life or work as a result of today?

• Keep doing what I’m doing

• Seek wider collaboration opportunities

• Think about where I could use more collaborative processes in my work

• Consider the multiple voices where I see conflict in meetings


Any other comments?

• Wonderful day, well organised, interesting presentations

• Great venue

• Very inspired by standard and value of event – beautiful, heartfelt, and quality people

• An excellent workshop with learnings for work and family life

• Lovely time out to dialogue with like-minded people of diverse life experiences

• Great! Let’s do it again

• Rich to the last drop.


Thanks to Kim Rudner for taking the photos at the symposium. You can contact Kim on 0435 622 042 or at



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