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SLaM Conference 2015 “Mind in the Matter”

How will you participate in our conference journey as a leader of the emerging future? What is your juicy, scholastic gift… as an academic, professional and community member? What questions emerge at the edges of your professional inquiry to mindfulness to which you do not yet have an answer?

“We intend to break with the paradigm of participants coming as vessels who are summoning expertise from the outside. Our desired paradigm is of collaborative participants who are generating collective expertise from within.”

The conference by design is emergent, our initial call intentionally focused on a powerful question, as opposed to the presentation of powerful solutions.  Our facilitators and workshop contributors are participants in the conference journey, they have each responded to the conference call, stepping fully into their leadership, and their arising inquiry of mindfulness in business and professional life.

We encourage your participation. This forum is the place to ponder the poignant questions that will inform our conference experience, and from it galvanise the field of Spirituality, Leadership and Management through our individual and collective practices of mindfulness in business and professional life.

Please use this forum to share your questions of mindfulness in business and professional life.

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SLaM 2015 Conference Retreat open for Early Bird registrations

The conference retreat is a residential experience and the fees are all-inclusive prices – conference registration plus all meals and accommodation (two nights). The conference commences on Friday morning and ends at midday on Sunday.

Early Bird rate

A generous discount of 30% off the full fee rates is available if you register by 19th June. An Early Bird rate does not apply to the concession category.



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Research on mindfulness

An article on the Science Daily website is entitled “Dispositional mindfulness associated with better cardiovascular health”. It discusses evidence for the health benefits of mindfulness. There are also links to related articles.

Our next edition of the Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and  Management will include papers relating to mindfulness in organisations and in management. Are you writing a paper that is relevant? Let our journal editor Claire Jankelson know.

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Daily Habits of Exceptional Leaders

Join us for a night with Ms. Roma Gaster, Director of Leadership Circle Asia-Pacific.

Roma will share with us some of the key findings of a pilot study called “Daily Habits of Exceptional leaders”, that was conducted in early 2014 by The Leadership Circle, Asia Pacific in conjunction with Padraig O’Sullivan from the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong.

Date:  28th Oct 2014    Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Venue: level 2 conference room, Stanton Library, 234 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Roma Gaster
















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Talking about Book Club with Dr Susan Goff

The book club is one of SLaM’s many new strategies to develop our capacity to create communities of practice around our ongoing exploration of spirituality in leadership and management.

Our first book club event was attended by 8 enthusiastic members keen to help build the idea of a SLaM book Club, and to do this by exploring and sharing the work of our current book club author, David Whyte and his renown text “The Three Marriages: reimagining work, self and relationship“.

Whyte has built an internationally respected reputation as a poet who works in the realm of human development in the corporate and public sphere through his poetic understandings and works. We were very blessed to initiate our book club with a visit from Dr Lesley Porter who has developed the use of poetics in her own therapeutic and organisational management practices. SLaM’s president, Susan Goff, held a conversation with Lesley about her work in reference to our reading of Whyte’s text, opening the connections out to the other participants in the group. The meeting concluded with a dinner at the Italian Forum where the Leichhardt Library’ reading room for the book club is located.

The second book club on 20th August will continue our exploration of Whyte’s work, this time inviting any of his texts – large or small, whole book, audio tape or single poem into the conversation. Our intention is to explore how we are making (or would like to) use of Whyte’s approaches and insights in our everyday lives.

Place:  Reading Room in the Leichhardt Libary, Piazza Level, Italian Forum, 23 Norton Street Leichhardt

Date: Wednesday, 20th August 2014

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $15 per session

Please RSVP via

The club will be an interactive exchange of how we read David Whyte and include his wisdom in our everyday life.  The Session is open to anyone who has read anything by David Whyte or not yet… Let us share with you a poem of his: Start Close In by David Whyte . Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

If you are interested in joining, you can purchase the book at most online stores (e.g., Phoenix Rising Books,and Fishpond). You can also read reviews of the book (eg Amazon) in preparation.




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