Volume 5: 2011 Abstract 6

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 5: 2011

Outdoor experiential training as a medium for the development of today’s leaders

Eric Brymer

Queensland University of Technology

Tonia Gray

University of Western Sydney

Wayne Cotton

University of Sydney

ABSTRACT: pp. 58-66.

Outdoor experiential training is often used for the enhancement of generalised workplace skills including those considered relevant for effective leadership. Traditionally, facilitation processes and strategies employed in outdoor experiential training have often relied on theories delivered as part of an outdoor leadership training program. This was premised on the assumption that skills and capabilities developed in such programs transfer to the mainstream business market. In this paper we present data from an International study on the characteristics of outdoor education professionals that adds further insights into the role that outdoor experiential training plays in the development of generic leadership characteristics. Outdoor leaders were found to characterise transformational leadership qualities and considered that the development of these qualities were directly linked to their outdoor experiential training.

Keywords: outdoor experiential training, leadership development, generic leadership characteristics, transformational leadership