Mission of the journal

cover2014a-iconThe Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

The mission of the Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management is to facilitate the emergence of the innate spirituality within individuals and organisations, by connecting people in communities of enquiry, learning and action. We focus our energies on improving leadership and management practices as they apply to organisations, communities and the natural world.

The uniqueness of the journal is its ability to meet the needs of a wide cross-section of readers whether they be business leaders, classroom teachers or academics. The journal attempts to provide clear links between theory, research and practice.

The journal has set its sights on the exploration of the spiritual domain as it expresses itself in life, particularly as it manifests in the business world. This may happen through the relationship between human beings and the conduct of human affairs in organisations and communities, or, in the relationship between humans and the natural world that we depend upon for our existence. The human-to-human connection is important, and features prominently in the journal; but equally critical is the relationship between humans and the environment. In effect the journal has three major dimensions, spirituality as it affects leadership and management of:

  • organisations,
  • communities, and
  • the environment. 

Our understanding of spirituality

As a journal community, we offer the following working definition to further delineate the scope of our publication:

• Spirituality provides us with a sense of meaning, the possibility of personal transformation and celebration of life.

• Spirituality expresses unity, and unity is beyond the need for boundaries; every person and everything in our universe is ultimately connected.

• We are multi-dimensional beings whose existence extends beyond the physical.

• Our spiritual consciousness shapes our experience of life.

• There are many paths to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

• Spirituality is synonymous with unconditional love.

The spiritual element is not necessarily connected to any of the world religions but stands discretely as an expression of humanity. It is a quality that in this journal stands alongside the emotional, intellectual, moral and physical elements of what it is to be human. While the latter elements form the underlying foundation of practically all research into leadership and management, the spiritual element is generally not recognised or acknowledged.

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