Volume 5: 2011 Abstract 1

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 5: 2011

Wholistic interactive spiritual development of managers

Patrick Bradbery

Charles Sturt University

ABSTRACT: pp. 1-13.

The growth of the concept of the learning organisation over the last forty years has created more interest than positive outcomes. Despite ambitious claims made by Senge and others, most attempts to create a learning organisation seem to have fallen short of their ambitions. In this paper, it is argued that a naïve conceptualisation of learning and development is a major contributor to this situation. In particular, failure to recognise that learners develop through a number of stages contributes to the application of inappropriate learning and development strategies.

Re-imagination and re-conceptualisation of learning and development based on contemporary knowledge and wisdom necessarily includes recognition of spiritual aspects of learning and development. Managers who are caught in a state of “arrested development” that does not embrace spiritual development are incapable of the kind of thinking and behaviour that is essential to create a learning organisation. A model of learning and development which integrates psychological and spiritual development is presented in the paper. This model is used to develop praxis for “wholistic interactive spiritual development of managers” (WISDOM). The application of this praxis is capable of transforming the concept of the learning organisation from a good idea to resilient leadership and management.

Keywords: learning organisation, learning and development, levels of consciousness, learning cycle, managers