Volume 4: 2010 Abstract 4

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 4: 2010

Leading in extreme futures: Being the driver or a casualty?

Elisabeth Gortschacher

E.E.G. Coaching, Wellington NSW

ABSTRACT: pp. 34-42.

The wide-spread lack of self-awareness and preparedness for self-leadership negatively impacts the health and well-being of billions of people and the viability of our planet. Worldwide we see growing employee disengagement and dissatisfaction with traditional leadership, accentuated by the global economic crisis and dominant global forces of change, demanding a radically different kind of leadership. In this paper the author presents leaders with a macro view of the unprecedented escalating and compounding global and national challenges they are facing. She articulates the distinct advantages for leaders who are leading from their core identity and purpose, and who embrace a mindset aligned with discoveries in modern science and technology-driven trends. The paper addresses five interrelated key areas. Firstly, it explores ‘Who and what drives change’, focusing on five dominant global forces that are shaping our new world. It then highlights worldwide leadership challenges. In ‘Mission critical’ the paper makes a strong case for change in the development of leaders based on statistics and drivers of global change that propel us into an unimaginable future and business reality. Next, in proposing a ground-breaking leadership solution, the author draws on her Personal Branding DNA™ work over the past seven years. Lastly, the benefits of this solution are highlighted and guidelines for evaluating a ground-breaking leadership program are offered.

Key words: ground-breaking leadership, personal branding, authenticity, global drivers of change, employee engagement