Volume 4: 2010 Abstract 2

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 4: 2010

Leadership: Intimations of spirituality

Claire Jankelson

Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney

ABSTRACT: pp. 11-18.

My first introduction to the value of considering leadership as a personal capacity and inner experience was in the 1980s in South Africa with multicultural youth groups. That experience led to a belief in the notion of open conversations as being essential to leadership. Further experience of working and researching with organisations and individuals in various stages of development, or lack thereof, have led to a realisation that leadership, as a generic term, is incommunicable. Leadership manifests differently according to the range of organisational and personal needs and predispositions. Ongoing research and working with organisations, an immersion in and the attempt to understand leadership in the broadest and most unimposing fashion has led to the crystallisation of a new theoretical framework for working with and understanding leadership. It is called Confluential Leadership. The words reflect how leadership transpires through becoming CONscious of particular inFLUENces. At the foundation of this conceptualisation of leadership is a spiritual orientation that informs and is continuously informed by this work. The question that this paper addresses is: how can leadership be imbued with a spiritual dimension? With consciousness integral to this leadership framework, the process of engaging with Confluential Leadership is shown to be a spiritually engaging and enhancing process. The designs of the categories of experience that form the underbelly of Confluential Leadership, offer a further spiritual dimension.

Key words: leadership, creativity, confluential, spirited, personal and collective