Volume 4: 2010 Abstract 1

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 4: 2010

Drama yoga as spiritual ecology praxis

Ben-Zion Weiss

University of Western Sydney

ABSTRACT: pp. 1-10.

In this paper I explore the way that Yoga can balance our energy systems and make us aware of our energy blocks. Then through drama we can express the traumas that caused those energy blocks. Drama Yoga brings these two processes together and results in balancing and freeing up our energy flow and enhances our wellbeing, which is essential for leaders in the contemporary world. In Yoga this energy is called ‘prana’. It is the ‘chi’ of Tai Chi or the ‘ki’ of Aikido. The French philosopher Henri Bergson (1998) proposed this energy as the ‘elan vital’ in French, which translates as ‘life-force’ in English. This influenced Jacob Levy Moreno (in Greenberg, 1975) to develop his psychodrama process as a form of spontaneity training. The paper begins with relating how the drama yoga process can benefit leaders facing ‘tough challenges’ in our rapidly changing world and then explores the new understandings of life and evolution that support a process of deepening consciousness. Yoga and meditation are shown to be ways of becoming more conscious of our inner world, while drama is a way to become more conscious of the roles we play in the outer world. Psychodrama and playback theatre are given as examples of these forms of drama. Finally the process of drama yoga shows how the bringing together of these processes of deepening can represent a form of conscious holistic leadership so needed in this time when we are moving towards an integral consciousness. Using the social ecology model of beginning with the personal, I will explore these ideas and practices that embody my own developing eco-spiritual consciousness as a leader, as part of an ecology of culture.

Key words: drama, yoga, ecology, life, story, spirituality and consciousness