Volume 3: 2004 Abstract 3

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 3: 2004

The Quest…Rediscovering a sense of soul: A practice-based approach to spirituality in leadership and management

Joycelin Dawes

Findhorn Foundation


This paper proposes a framework for nourishing leadership based on Heron’s method living inquiry, and drawing upon The Quest … rediscovering a sense of soul.

Good and effective leaders are deeply connected to their sense of who they are, what they are doing, with and for whom they are doing it and why. Their authority becomes associated with the quality of their ‘self’ and this involves developing wholeness, integration and connection. Spiritual vitality, in turn, grows from awareness of what nourishes and drains deeper significance in life.

Management is the art of directing the attention and energy of an organisation so that it effectively accomplishes its purpose. New demands on organisations, including accountability and contributing to the wider good, require new concepts of managerial effectiveness. The paper explores a new concept of managerial effectiveness: the ‘quadruple bottom line’ – organisations that take account of their economic, social and environmental impact and are aware of organisational meaning and values and spiritual vitality.

Today many people seek a holistic framework that brings coherence to both the personal and the collective dimensions of their spiritual life. What does it mean to live a ‘spiritual life’? How can vitality and creativity be nourished in the lives of individuals and of organisations?