Volume 3: 2004 Abstract 2

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 3: 2004

Sublime learning

Deborah Bloch, Neil Davidson, Vlad Dimitrov and Adam Hulbert

University of San Francisco and University of Western Sydney


Can spirituality become leading motivational force for the processes of learning? This paper answers to this question by introducing a whole new branch of humanist research we call Sublime Learning – learning to live in harmony with the dynamics of The Universal – the energies and forces, whose ceaseless interplay sustains the continuum and integrity of the existential wholeness. Sublime learning is seen as learning how to transform knowledge into wisdom. Unlike knowledge, wisdom thrives on the synergy of the mortal triad body-mind-heart with the timeless tandem soul-spirit, where the latter is central for our existence. Wisdom weaves together the logic of mind and the passion of heart with the longings of soul and the might of spirit, and thus helps us move beyond the physical limitations of our bodies. Five necessary conditions facilitating Sublime Learning, together with a specially designed methodology for its practical application and four real-life examples are described and discussed in details.