Volume 3: 2004 Abstract 1

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 3: 2004

Good for business: An integral theory perspective on spirituality in organisations

Mark Edwards

University of Western Australia


One of the hallmarks of successful organisations and community leaders of the future will be the capacity to develop more holistic and spiritual understandings of people in the workplace. This understanding of spirituality includes not only the personal spirituality of individuals but also of corporate ethics and morality, cultural diversity, organisational values, social responsibility, communal concerns and environmental awareness. Given the complexity of this contemporary understanding of spirituality in the workplace, how can organisations and leaders make sense of such a concept? Ken Wilber’s Integral theory provides a framework for this task. Integral theory is a comprehensive approach to social change that is ideally suited to investigating complex social entities and constructs. Using the model, various definitions and perspectives of spirituality are presented in personal, leadership and collective contexts. Some implications of this new approach are discussed.