Volume 1: 2002 Abstract 6

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 1: 2002

Spirituality in management: A new chance for management, a new challenge for spirituality

Josep Lozano and Raimon Ribera

ESADE, Barcelona, Spain


This paper was presented at the Spirituality in Management workshop held in Szeged, Hungary in July 2001. It is a stimulating paper which starts with the following premise: Could we agree with the presumption that every management model or paradigm implies (or is based on) an anthropological model or paradigm, a certain concept of what the human being is and what should be done so that he can reach his full potential? That which determines organisational structure is not only output or strategy but also the anthropological model we use, whether explicit or implicit? If we agree with the above, we are in a better position to tackle the subject of our meeting because spirituality then becomes an “anthropological option”. In other words, our point of departure is that spirituality is a “constitutive dimension of the human being”.