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Since 1998, the Spirituality, Leadership and Management community in Australia has organised eight conferences, with thousands of participants joining from around the world, and keynote speakers from Europe, North America and Asia as well as from around Australia.

A wide range of subjects have been discussed and shared at the conferences over the years. The most recent conferences have been held in Sydney, with professionals from business, academic and community presenting and discussing “Leadership for the Emerging World” and “Wisdom at Work”.

We also hold major one-day events. A Summit on the topic of wisdom in the workplace was held in November 2010. In May 2013 we held a Symposium on “Leading and growing collaboration”.


Attendees at Spirituality, Leadership and Management events include professionals, managers, academics, consultants and thinkers from the corporate, government and community sectors. The thing they all have in common is their aspiration to see their work become more ethical, creative, life-enhancing and socially responsible.


Attendees at our conferences have expressed many positive reflections about the experience. The warmth of their comments makes us determined to continue our journey:

The conference was a great uplifter for me. I emerged rejuvenated, inspired and with a simpler, clearer vision of how I need to use my skills and knowledge for the future.

I left with a feeling of hope for the future and a sense that there are many that shared my concern for the well-being of others and the environment, coupled also with a healthy sense of financial and corporate responsibility.

It seems that people in the organisation realise that now is the time for exploring, more honestly and directly, what and how things need to, and can, change.

The conference created the space for inspiring conversations.

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