Strand Facilitators

Here are the Strand Facilitators

Geoff-BerryGeoff Berry – Facilitator, the Programmed Strand“This conference places me exactly where I am meant to be right now.  I recognise that my time has come to step up and embrace the serious work of spiritual ecology and mindful leadership. My experience in using creative mythologies to facilitate transformative spaces for real growth comes together at SLaM and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with everyone there.”Dr Geoffrey Berry is an expert on the symbol of light as a representative of power, abundance and transcendence. His approach and concerns are ecological as well as spiritual and his knowledge base includes modern, ancient and indigenous contexts. His vision is to combine his deep awareness of mythology, mindfulness and the traditions of nature wisdom into a package that responds to professionals engaging with our challenging times with poise, empathy and generosity.Geoff currently offers mentoring in all matters spiritual, professional and real; he runs workshops on “White Fella Dreaming” and “The Ecological Hero’s Journey”; and performs regularly as an inspirational speaker.For the SLaM conference Geoff will be chairing the Programmed Strand bringing his scholarship and facilitation practices to support workshop leaders and participants. He has been Chairperson of the Melbourne Zen Group, run an arts business, managed a Higher Education institution, and has taught myth, symbol and ritual, archetypal psychology, cosmology and consciousness, as well as many forms of literary and cultural studies, history, philosophy and communications. He also played Aussie Rules footy and sang in a rock band.


MarkSpainMark Spain – Facilitator, the Being In Nature Strand“My purpose for participating in the SLaM conference is to share, co-create and go deeper into the ways of being to hold with presence and intention the spiritual challenges facing leaders and managers in Australia.   I believe we need more opportunities for simple and profound experiences to re-imagine our relationship with nature and each other for a healthy future.” Mark grew up in the Snowy Mountains and loves expeditions and experiences in nature. His extended periods in nature with solos started when designing and guiding self-awareness and resilience learning programs with the Australian Outward Bound School.Mark designs innovative approaches to leadership development and culture change for public, community and private sectors in Australasia and Malaysia. He delivers Action Learning programs at the strategic and operational levels of organisations and grass roots community movements. His work is focused on transforming Business, Society, and Self – building collective capacity for deep innovation.He is a Board member of Way Of Nature Australia and a Senior Partner and Facilitator at Global Learning.Mark has a Masters of business administration in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), and a Graduate Diploma in Education and an Associate Diploma in Art.


Aladdin-JonesAladdin Jones – Facilitator, the Open Space Strand“I am passionate about a whole-person, emergent way of being and working with others. I have a particular interest in a collaborative, restorative, attuned and compassionate approach in which to generate the capacity for authenticity, mindfulness, creativity and life-energy. I am committed to my own learning, self-reflectivity and whole person practice in this process.  I am inspired by individuals of different faiths and spiritual traditions who work within principles of non-violence and are engaged with social action and transformative leadership. I am nourished by being in wild places and playing music.” Aladdin is a facilitator, psychotherapist and ecologist who has worked within the social services sector as well as environmental restoration, community development and education in Australia, New Zealand and Ladakh (Northern India)As a teacher in training with the Hakomi Psychotherapy Pacific team, Aladdin works for Eastern Health as a therapist and group facilitator.  He has had a 20-year interest and practice in the Buddhist tradition of Zen and mindfulness, is a musician of world music and loves to spend time gardening and in places of wilderness. Aladdin has two daughters with his wife Tess, and lives in the countryside of Yarra Valley.Aladdin has multiple certifications in psychology and therapy, and environmental management, and holds a Masters in Education (Social Ecology-current studies),with additional training in Non Violent Communication (NVC) Restorative Justice Mediation, Right Use of Power, Eco psychology and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Current NZAC membership, AABCAP, PACFA (in process)


Riripeti-ReedyRiripeti Reedy – Facilitator Gone Fishing Strand“Leadership that is ethical and spiritual is essential in how we take our world forward.  It requires us to re-build trust with ourselves first, creatively, mindfully and with a sense of gratitude and joy.  As an indigenous Maori woman I have never actually fished for fish, I fish for untapped creative potential and expect this to be a part of our shared journey during the SLaM conference.”Riripeti’s expertise as a facilitator to lead and engage people’s minds to think outside of themselves is built around her own iwi: tribal origins that affirm the ongoing relational purposes of all peoples to Papatuanuku: mother earth.  Connected to this, Riripeti thinks early 21st Century conventions of learning and leadership will demand a continuing openness to critical self-knowledges and practices in a world that is growing smaller, is more connected and increasingly diverse.  Leading learning, research and strategic policy analysis, Riripeti understands that engaging people is to appreciate context, interpret accurately and convey messages simply. Riripeti is a director of Maitai Group.  She is an action research practitioner working across community and government with a focus on Maori and Pacific developments that affirm strength-based actions and strategies from within the whanau /families and communities people live in.Currently she is also working as a Principal Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Wellington. E:
Helena-ReadHelena Read – Event Production Manager“It is an honor to share my passion in creating events that inspire the heart of humanity with the SLaM community as production manager for the 2015 conference.  I am enlivened by your courage to ask powerful questions that are arising at the leading edge of your inquiry to mindfulness in business and professional life, these questions, by their nature are vulnerable and transformative, they invite me to fully step into my own emergent leadership… it is my intention to create a nurturing, supportive and spacious environment into which we may each bring our whole self, our unique potential and our collective collaboration.  I look forward to journeying with you.” Helena is an event production manager, facilitator, social entrepreneur, dancer, artist deep ecologist, remedial massage therapist and dedicated student of life.For 25 years Helena has been on the production team of numerous events in three continents in venues as diverse as the Royal AIbert Hall, Disney Land and the Glastonbury Festival.  She has worked on the streets with disengaged youth, in prisons, schools, aged care homes, gold mines, festivals and corporate mergers. Supporting a range of professionals from health practitioners and veterinarians to environmental consultants, mime artists, musicians and thespians.Helena is a dancing freedom facilitator in training and assistant at Over the Moon dance and yoga studio where she supports creative dance for pre-school children.She is a member of the CultureShift collective and part-time member of Tetradian, a UK based Enterprise Architecture Consultancy.

Susan-Goff2Dr Susan Goff – SLaM President and conference methodology designer “Being president of SLaM locates me close to the movement’s heart spaces, made up of long histories of individual peoples’ understanding of the world and their sustained moral and creative responses to it. Our network is a home base for brave, insightful and profoundly caring people. It is a sacred place and my intention is to continue the honorable legacy of the field’s previous governing groups by creating resources for each person’s strengthening and happiness in a vibrant “in your face” community of outstanding companions. It is my honour to be working with such an extraordinary team of contributors to our 2015 conference, and I am without doubt that if we are ready to stand up strong together and offer our collective hand to the future, this event will provide the ground on which to stand.” Dr Susan Goff is a Social Ecologist, and works in Australia as a participatory systems facilitator.  With a background in Theatre Arts and Social Ecology, Susan has worked as an independent practical scholar through her Action Research consultancy, CultureShift, since 1991.She is a participatory methodology specialist, working as an author, academic, facilitator and leader in the Australian participatory field for over 25 years.  Committed to a belief in humanity in intelligence and justice, her company has delivered over 80 participatory research, learning and evaluation strategies to inform socio-economic and environmental policy that addresses threats to intergenerational sustainability. Her doctoral thesis explores the value of participatory practices to sustainability with particular reference to Grace and the Spirit of Inquiry.Susan has particular commitments to Australia Traditional Owner self-determination as she sees the matter of respectful, cross-cultural presence on Country as core to the health and wellbeing for all Australians. Much of her current work is about the need for cross-cultural insight in participatory works to serve the recognition of Aboriginal peoples in Australia by non-indigenous interests.As well as running her own consultancy, Susan is a past President and Life Member of the Action Learning Action Research Association and its current journal Editor. She also works as an academic at the University of Western Sydney (Education Faculty), the University of Technology Sydney (Design, Architecture and Building Faculty) and University of Sydney (Health Sciences Faculty)