Abstract: Overall

Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Volume 9


Mindfulness and organizational productivity: The mediating role of positive mental health

Jeffrey Overall


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the costs of mental health to the global economy were calculated at $2.5 trillion annually (The Lancet Global Health, 2020) with approximately $300 billion of this directly affecting organizations through productivity losses (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2020). Since the pandemic, there have been reported increases in anxiety, depression, and addiction among the population. However, research has shown that regular mindfulness practices, like meditation and yoga, have a profound effect on mental health and, by integrating mindfulness within the workplace, it can also help to enhance organizational productivity. In this research, I propose two mediating conceptual frameworks that can help explain the relationship between mindfulness, positive mental health, and organizational performance. The main contribution to knowledge of this research is demonstrating how the relationship between mindfulness practices and organizational performance is mediated by: (1) a reduction in workplace stress and (2) positive mental health and dependent on organizational contextual factors. This research is important as the topic of mindfulness and business is an emerging field of study and nuanced discussion on productivity is essential. Future research directions are suggested.

Key words: Consciousness; conscious business; conscious economics; conscious expansion; indigenous medicine; mental health; mindfulness; organizational context; organizational productivity