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All the papers published in the journal from Volume 1 onwards are listed below, with the most recent papers at top. To open a title (in pdf format), click on its title in the table below.

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Volume Authors Title
9 Jeffrey Overall Mindfulness and organizational productivity: The mediating role of positive mental health
9 Graham Williams and Carolynn Chalmers The arrival of corporate spiritual governance
8 Claire Jankelson Editorial
8 Amanda Sinclair Possibilities, purpose and pitfalls: Insights from introducing mindfulness to leaders
8 Peter McGhee and Patricia Grant The influence of managers’ spiritual mindfulness on ethical behaviour in organisations
8 Allan Kaplan An MA degree in reflective social practice: Developing a social sensibility
7 Claire Jankelson Editorial
7 Jerome N. Rachele, Tracy L. Washington, Wendell D. Cockshaw and Eric Brymer Towards an operational understanding of wellness
7 Mark Edwards, Roberto Biloslavo, Blaze Kwaymullina and Ambelin Kwaymullina Big picture wisdom: Metatheorising ancient, scientific and indigenous wisdom perspectives for global environmental leadership
7 Claire Jankelson Leadership dreaming
7 Tarun Pasricha Leadership SQ – The Vedic way: Enhancing the spiritual quotient of future managers
7 Glenn Martin Book review: Changing on the job: Developing leaders for a complex world, by Jennifer Garvey Berger
6 Claire Jankelson Editorial
6 Puneet Bindlish, Priyanka Dutt and Rupali Pardasani From growing convergence of spirituality and leadership towards a unified leadership theory
6 Patricia Grant and Peter McGhee Phronesis and spirituality in the workplace
6 Mark Green, Carol A. Wheeler and Maria N. Hodgson Leader spirituality and leader virtues as predictors of effective leadership
6 Alison L. O’Malley and Denise E. Williams Emerging leaders: The roles of flourishing and religiosity in millennials’ leadership development activity
6 Malavika Sundararajan, Binod Sundararajan and Sybil Henderson Role of meditative foundation entrepreneurial leadership and new venture success
6 Glenn Martin Developing the consciousness of leaders: Interview with Richard Barrett
6 Anne Matheson Book review: Spirit of project management by Judi Neal & Alan Harpham
6 Glenn Martin Book review: Tibetan Buddhism, leadership, and work, edited by Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
5 Claire Jankelson Editorial
5 Patrick Bradbery Wholistic interactive spiritual development of managers
5 Glenn Martin The role of stories in the development of values and wisdom as expressions of spirituality
5 Paul van Hauen Applying an integral approach to leadership development for an Australian public health service
5 Steven Segal Spirit and being in management: A Heideggerian redescription of Drucker’s notion of the spirit of management
5 Mark Green, Phyllis Duncan and Stephanie Kodatt The relationship between follower ratings of leadership and the leaders’ spirituality
5 Eric Brymer, Tonia Gray and Wayne Cotton Outdoor experiential training as a medium for the development of today’s leaders
4 Claire Jankelson Editorial
4 Ben-Zion Weiss Drama yoga as spiritual ecology praxis
4 Claire Jankelson Leadership: Intimations of spirituality
4 Ekaterina Zhuravleva and Elizabeth E. More Spirituality in the mindsets of organisational members
4 Elisabeth Gortschacher Leading in extreme futures: Being the driver or a casualty?
4 Heather Davis Other-centredness as a leadership attribute: From ego to eco centricity
4 Josie McLean and Sam Wells Flourishing at the edge of chaos: Leading purposeful change and loving it
4 Patrick Bradbery Learning and development as a spiritual journey
4 Peter C. Rennie A practical theory to help you change society one organisation at a time
4 Ray Elliott Religious belief, spirituality and coaching for leadership development in our emergent world
4 Richard Harmer What are we really talking about when we say the word ‘spirituality’?
3 Kerry Cochrane Editorial
3 Mark Edwards Good for Business: An Integral Theory perspective on spirituality in organisations
3 William Varey Transforming Sustainability: An integral leader’s sustainability framework
3 Deborah Bloch, Neil Davidson, Vlad Dimitrov and Adam Hulbert Sublime Learning
3 Joycelin Dawes The Quest…Rediscovering a sense of soul: A practice-based approach to spirituality in leadership and management
3 Christo Norden-Powers Mastering consciousness: A model for integrating spirituality with 21st century business
3 Monica Richter The corporation as activist: Embodying sustainable development
3 Mike Bell Thomas Berry and an Earth jurisprudence
2 Sugumar Mariappenadar Editorial
2 Vladimir Dimitrov Complexity, spirituality and ethics
2 Kerry Cochrane Stage theory and Wilber’s holarchy: Pathways for deeper consciousness
2 David Gadenne and Terry Waters-Marsh High-value human resource management practices and organisational performance: An exploratory study
1 Kerry Cochrane Editorial
1 Patricia Purnell-Webb, Ian Glendon, Peter Creed Understanding spirituality in the workplace: A qualitative study
1 Richard Eckersley Spirituality, progress, meaning and values: Implications for leadership and management
1 Michael Lim, Judith Chapman Towards a new model of leadership that combines spirituality and pragmatism
1 Sudhir Kale and Samir Shrivastava Applying the Enneagram theory to human resource management
1 Mike Bell Toward an ecology of spirit: A new paradigm for oganisational development
1 Josep Lozano and Raimon Ribera Spirituality in management: A new chance for management, a new challenge for spirituality