In memory of Alastair Rylatt

AlastairWe are saddened to report that Alastair Rylatt, a recent member of our management committee, passed on this last Saturday, 15th August.

In his short time on the committee, Alastair was an energetic contributor and a person who held the vision of spirituality in leadership and management nobly. He was the main driver behind the one-day symposium we had in May 2013 on the power of collaboration in organisations, and it was a most successful and inspirational day.

We wish to acknowledge his life, his many achievements, and the mindful and loving quality of the relationships he had with the people around him, as well as his wider contributions to the world. Although it seems that his life ended too soon, we remember him with thanks, and we extend warm thoughts to his wife Elaine at this time.

Glenn Martin

for Management Committee

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5 comments on “In memory of Alastair Rylatt
  1. Susan Goff says:

    Thank you Glenn – and may I also extend our appreciation of loss to Alastair’s family and friends. I knew Alastair as a talented professional, who brought to working life a quality of ethics uniquely blended with good humour and intellectual individuality. He set a standard of excellence for independent consultants who believe they have responsibilities and gifts to contribute to that world of work that always remembers its place in the larger project of life. It was a pleasure to be in his company. We will continue to grow the seeds he created throughout his working life.

  2. I had the honour of working with Alastair to create his personal passion map – what i recall was his deep integrity, his acceptance of what is, his beautiful loving nature and his questioning of how he could could best contribute to those around him.

    So I would like to see him honoured by an annual event bearing his nameI led by someone who has made a great contribution to others.

  3. Andrew hilton says:

    Dear Elaine and friends, and colleagues,
    I knew Al for a time between 1981 and 1988 when we both worked in the finance division as commonwealth public servants in the department of defence at garden island dockyard. I remember Therese, Sue, Terry, Graeme, John et al. Back then too. Al was kind of the kook. This was way before his interest in training began and just at the beginning of that interest, nay passion. Green eyes, wacky laugh, so tall n lanky, always looking away humorously or with disdain rather than being reactive. For me the place became a paranoid enclave, partly down to me but also down to coteries, but Al had a sense of their absurdity, I met him once down the years, a funny spiritual encounter, an unsaid belief in each other. Stunned at his departure and at what’s he’s quite evidently achieved in his time. I saw the award in his name presented this year which led me to inquire after Al on line just now, initially never realising he was sick, then reading on to find he’d passed, sad, life is capricious, may his memory and legacy of deeds, knowledge and loving be a blessing oooo

  4. Diago.fernandes says:

    I found a book learning unlimited signed in 1994.

    The book is relevant till today and loaded with learning.

    I wanted to write to him,but sadly he has gone to heaven.

    My love and respect to Late Mr Rylatt and remembrance to is family.

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