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The briefing session

We held a briefing session on 28th July 2016 at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). About 15 people attended. The purpose was to begin a conversation about the concept of the Anthropocene Age. The role for SLaM in this conversation would be to provide a spiritual element to ideas about how culture could, and needs to, change.

Ken McLeod (from UTS) has suggested that up until now, discussion of the crisis of climate change has focused on technology, economics and politics. However, necessary as these activities are, the change that is needed is deeper; it is cultural. We have already wrought changes on our environment globally that will affect us for thousands of years. Without radical rethinking, our situation as a race is untenable.

We therefore need to look at four domains of cultural transformation:  (1) the rational (knowledge), (2) the instrumental (technology), (3) psyche (consciousness), and (4) mythos (symbolic, imagination). (I am selecting from the words that Ken used in his introductory paper; GM).

You can see already that the subject is about human values, about the way we see the world, and about our relationship to both the physical world and each other, individually and in community.

We invite you to read the paper “Preparing for the Anthropocene Transition” on our website, and think about what we should explore together as a group.

We are having internal conversations among the management committe and will be talking with the people who have expressed an interest in being involved following the briefing session. This activity will build over the coming weeks and months. We are happy to receive comments, and we can post articles on our page: “Articles and working papers“.

Membership: Yes, it is a new financial year and we ask for your support through membership. It is just $10 per year. You can join here, and pay by direct deposit or by using Paypal. If you have joined or renewed recently, you will have received a receipt from us. Thank you.

Live modestly. Enjoy.

Glenn Martin, Management Committee

SLaM briefing session

SLaM briefing session

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In memory of Alastair Rylatt

AlastairWe are saddened to report that Alastair Rylatt, a recent member of our management committee, passed on this last Saturday, 15th August.

In his short time on the committee, Alastair was an energetic contributor and a person who held the vision of spirituality in leadership and management nobly. He was the main driver behind the one-day symposium we had in May 2013 on the power of collaboration in organisations, and it was a most successful and inspirational day.

We wish to acknowledge his life, his many achievements, and the mindful and loving quality of the relationships he had with the people around him, as well as his wider contributions to the world. Although it seems that his life ended too soon, we remember him with thanks, and we extend warm thoughts to his wife Elaine at this time.

Glenn Martin

for Management Committee

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The passing of Brent Couper

We wish to acknowledge the life of Brent Couper, a member of our management committee from 2009 to 2011, who passed on recently. Brent and his partner, Joy London, were both heavily involved in the organising of the first conference we organised after the rebirth of Spirituality, Leadership and Management. That conference, in February 2010, was a great success, and that was in no small way due to the efforts of Brent and Joy.

Brent died of cancer, but his life was a positive and purposeful one, a life we can be grateful for. Joy also died of cancer, three years ago. We acknowledge their lives with thanks.


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2014 SLaM Survey _ Overview

At the end of 2014, the Committee members agreed to each call 10-15 people on our network lists, to ask them some questions that we had put together in a survey… Click Survey overview 2014-final for a brief overview.


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Management consultants can save the world

In our SlaM discussions over the years it has often been remarked that the “management” aspect of SLaM is seldom discussed.

Here is an article proclaiming the virtues of good management. It maintains that good management is the real basis of improvement in organisational productivity, profitability and the living standards of communities.

What do you think?

The article has the not-so-humble title of “Management consultants can save the world”! Read the article.


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Leading With Courage While Crossing the Threshold __ by Giles Hutchins

Leading With Courage While Crossing the Threshold


Giles Hutchins is a visionary speaker, writer and adviser who goes one step beyond conventional sustainable business. Formerly a management consultant with KPMG, more recently Global Director of Sustainability for Atos and co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, adviser for Akasha Innovation and ambassador for Embercombe, he applies ancient wisdom and pioneering new thought to the activation of a new consciousness inspired by and in harmony with Nature. He is author of The Illusion of Separation and blogs at


The root word of ‘leadership’ is ‘leith’ which means to cross the threshold, to let go of old ways, mind-sets and logic in order to embrace the new; a new way of attending to ourselves, each other and the world. It asks us to recognise the vitality of co-creating new ways of operating beyond the confines of pre-defined outcomes, and demands a metamorphosis no less from fear to courage:

Fear-based leading >> Courage-based leading
Authoritarian >> Emancipation
Leader-follower relation >> Co-creative relation
Motivated by power >> Motivated by love
Blame culture >> Compassionate culture
Risk-averse >> Pioneering
Adversarial >> Inspirational
Competitive >> Empathic
Command and control >> Improvisational


Leadership is, first and foremost, an attitude to life. Life asks each of us to lead in myriad ways, to reach beyond self-interest for the benefit of something greater. By allowing space and time within our hectic busi-ness we may allow ourselves to open up to the inner and outer depths of ourselves. Here are three tips to aid this:

1) Stillness- in slowing down we allow the ego-chatter in our minds to quieten, providing a chance for our awareness to deepen. If we honour this stillness on a regular basis – whether as structured meditation, a morning walk or time alone during a work break – we may allow a deeper consciousness to flow beyond the superficial stream of chatter. This deeper ground of our being – which I call Nature – is an all-pervasive receptive presence that underpins every evolving moment.

2) Synchronicity – As we consciously bring this stillness into the movement of our lives, we may become more aware of synchronistic events, subtly lit pathways and intuitive guidance. In learning to listen to the wisdom of Nature found through the well-springs of the heart, we improve our responsiveness to life’s dance.

3) Small steps – Each moment offers us the chance to embrace life with loving attention through our hearts freed from pre-conceived notions, fears and judgements. In opening our hearts to each interrelation we learn to lead with courage (its Latin root ‘cor’ meaning heart). Here we truly listen to our deeper self and others; we provide a space of reciprocity for sharing authentically within an atmosphere of trust. We co-create solutions uncluttered by the same thinking that created the problems in the first place.


These three movements – receptivity, responsiveness, reciprocity – allow us to courageously embrace the journey of a lifetime, breaking out beyond the shell of our tiny egos into the inter-relational matrix of Nature. Manifesting this in my own life is not a plain sail rather a continuous learning process.

There have been numerous life-defining moments for me, two worth mentioning here regarding my work-life. In 2008 I gave up a well-respected job as Head of Practice for a large management consultancy and set up a sustainability solutions offering from scratch. Tough times as the recession kicked-in with organisations perceiving sustainability as a nice-to-have. Yet I was passionately energised, learnt a great deal and found friends along the way. Then in 2012, I took a bigger leap off the cliff-face of security, status and salary by resigning as Global Director of Sustainability for a large multi-national to embrace the unchartered horizons of being a writer, speaker, adviser and work-from-home Dad and husband. No more executive breakfast meetings or long haul flights, instead I found myself exploring the root causes of our current crises while changing nappies.

Heart-based living has the hallmark of appearing foolish to the head. The ‘letting-go’ of security in times of uncertainty allows for the ‘letting-come’ of new steps of change. Each day challenges me to be courageous in small yet self-defining ways. I can’t claim to be anything like a master in this, but I have no doubt I am walking the right path.

For a short video on The Illusion of Separation see here and on facebook.

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